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Peponi Beach Resort Area Information

Located on the road between Tanga and Pangani, Peponi serves as an ideal point from which to explore Tanzania and East Africa. The nearby village Kigombe is the oldest fishing village in Tanzania, offering insight into the history and nature of the area.

At Peponi, we feel that the space and its energy will speak for itself, offering a dazzling experience without much need to look beyond what Nature has generously provided. Accommodation options include eight en-suite bandas ranging in size to accommodate individuals, couples, families and larger groups as well as permanent safari tents and camping. Tents can also be hired at Peponi. Also available and accommodating up to three people is the age-old caravan, which has been updated since serving as the first form of housing at Peponi in the 80’s!

The kitchen serves up delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Seafood caught by local fishermen at Kigombe, meat and vegetarian dishes for all tastes as well as pizzas and snacks at the beach bar. Grab a seat at the beach bar or stay up top; sit, relax and take in the staggering sites!

Peponi's beach looks out onto the Pemba Channel, a famous fishing channel. Closer to shore you can swim and snorkel through tropical reefs, taking in the rich marine life. Exploring tradition, ngalawas - a type of fishing dhow - can be seen sailing out in the morning and returning after a long day’s work. Join us on a dhow trip to the outer reefs and Sand Island, snorkel in the gardens of coral and observe the abundance of marine life. Whether kayaking, renting a bicycle or piki-piki, bird watching, exploring any of the nearby attractions or relaxing in a hammock, we invite you to get to know a special and unforgettable place.

There is a regular bus service between Tanga and Pangani. To the west are the Usambara Mountains with their amazing views, rain forests, and the Amani Nature Reserve. The Amboni Caves, just north of Tanga, are a range of 150 million year old limestone caves. The Tongoni Ruins, a 10th century mosque with the largest collection of tombs of their type in East Africa, are just down the road.

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